FRESHFARM Markets Mission
The mission of FRESHFARM Markets is to educate the public about food and environmental issues, and to provide vital economic opportunities for local farmers. We accomplish this through our farmers markets and programs.


FRESHFARM Markets is the leading voice for farmers markets in the Washington, DC, metropolitan region, and a national leader in the local-food movement. We strive to build and strengthen the local-food movement in the Chesapeake Bay region, using our farmers markets to create vibrant urban and community places, providing economic opportunities for farmers and artisanal food producers and showcasing our region's agricultural bounty. We aim to create a sustainable urban-rural partnership that brings the blessings of healthy local food to our communities and sustains the working landscapes that feed us. FRESHFARM Markets operates 11 producer-only farmers markets with more than 110 farmers and producers from 5 states who farm more than 9,000 acres. Our markets attract more than 360,000 shoppers annually in DC, MD and VA.


To ensure the future of farmland in our region, it is essential to spread the word about sustainable agriculture. With this in mind, FRESHFARM Markets runs 5 outreach and educational programs: Chef at Market, FoodPrints, SNAP/Matching Dollars, Gleaning and the Jean Wallace Douglas Farmer Fund. These programs help us to inform residents of the Chesapeake Bay region about the true costs of conventionally produced food versus local, sustainable and organically grown food. They also make fresh, healthy food available to people of all income levels.

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