"I wouldn't be in the business without the knowledge (these conferences) have given me. This year I am hoping to focus on farm efficiency and profitability."
—Julie Stinar, Evensong Farm
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The development of the FRESHFARM Market Farmer Fund, and our record of awarding conference and meeting scholarships, is one of our proudest accomplishments. Since its inception in 2008, the fund has awarded more than 20 scholarships valued at over $10,000. Through these grants, we're able to support new and innovative farmers, on the frontline of alternative agriculture, with important technical training, connections to professional networks and access to fellow farmers and artisans. This kind of learning based on peer-to-peer workshops, farm demonstrations and internships is fostering the emergence of a new generation of American farmers. The support provided by the fund allows the farmers to have critical hands on experiential learning that gives them the skills and knowledge to address the age old issues of growing-quality food and leading to delicious products with new high- and low-tech sustainable solutions.

The fund is named for Jean Wallace Douglas in honor of her lifelong commitment to the welfare of the American farmer and the generous and continuing support the Wallace Genetic Foundation has shown FRESHFARM Markets. The Farmer Fund has been generously supported by the Band Foundation, the Twinkling Eyes Foundation and our annual Farmland Feast.

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