D.I.Y. Fruit Fly Trap
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Is there anything sweeter than coming home from the market with a bag full of perfectly ripe peaches, berries, and tomatoes? Of course not! Which is why it is equally galling a few days later to find a cloud of fruit flies hovering above your counter, decimating your once beautiful bounty of produce.

Sure, you swat at the swarm and they disperse. Maybe you manage to make contact with one or two, but they’ll return eventually to finish the job. This leaves you to either stand ground with the quixotic vision in your head of killing each last one with pinpoint accuracy, or let them have at the rest of your produce while you trudge out the door to get replacements.

Let me tell you, there is another way! Well, actually there many, many ways – google it. There you’ll find a plethora of hare-brained, delusional or otherwise questionable methods of clearing your kitchen of fruit flies. These not recommended methods include hanging an outdoor bug zapper above your fruit bowl, or pouring cognac into a snifter and leaving that out for the flies with a more refined palate. (Maybe leave out a cigar and miniature smoking jacket too?)

Try our simple, proven method: all you’ll need is a mason jar, apple cider vinegar, plastic wrap, and a rubber band. Pour some of the vinegar into the jar. Tear off a piece of plastic wrap and stretch the over the top of the jar so it is taut, with excess hanging over the sides. Next, fit the rubber band around the rim of thejar and excess plastic wrap making surethe band is tight and will keep the wrap snug and in place. Now poke some holes into the wrap with any pointy object you have around the kitchen, Ive found the tines of a fork or the tip of a paring knife make suitable sized holes. Set the jar near the fly infested area and watch them fall for your trap.

Article Written by Brandon Warner, FRESHFARM Market by the White House shopper. Got fruit fly tips and tricks of your own? Share them with us on twitter at@FRESHFARMMktsDC!



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