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This week is DC’s Second Annual “Growing Healthy Schools” Week. on Monday, October 21st, the FoodPrints Garden at Watkins Elementary School received the Office of the State Superintendent of Schools (OSSE) award for “Best School Garden.” A big thanks to Watkins 5th grader, Louise Banks, who submitted the winning story about why she thinks the Watkins garden is the best.

Essay for Best School Garden Award
Louise Banks, 5th grade, Watkins Elementary School

I am 5th grader from Watkins ES. Imagine yourself walking through the garden. You can feel the soil under your feet, an important part of a cycle called decomposition. You can feel the sun smiling, an important part of the garden called photosynthesis. And the plants! You could smell that basil from a mile away!! Can you feel that little flower nestling your feet, waiting to be pollinated? Yes, we have learned about pollination, too! And who tends to it during the year? Our amazing gardener Mrs. Percival, parents and us students!

When we go to the garden, there is a ring of benches at one end. We find a seat, listen to directions, and split into groups, ready to get our hands dirty!!!

In first grade we learned about the different parts of the plant. In third grade, we learned all about nutrition, and energy and nutrient dense foods. In fourth grade, we learned about the Three Sisters, and where some foods originated. Now, in fifth grade I?m so excited to learn more!

Watkins has many gardens. In the Children?s Garden, we have logs to play on, and flowers and bugs to examine. In the Seasons Garden, we have different plants from each season. In the FoodPrints Garden, we plant and harvest foods to cook, learn about and eat. We are always harvesting delicious vegetables and planting new seeds.
I think our garden should win the best school garden award because our garden is teaching us new things constantly.

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